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Holistic Dentistry in Russell, KY

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Dr. Kim Arnold Family Dentistry provides holistic dentistry services in Russell, KY. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please get in touch with our office at (606) 836-6022.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

In traditional medical treatment, oral health is often considered separate from overall health. A holistic dentist like Dr. Kim Arnold believes in the connection between oral health and general wellness.

How Oral Health Impacts Overall Wellness

Many patients are not aware that oral health conditions have a direct impact on their overall health. The mouth contains many bacteria, some of which are harmless, but some can cause disease.

When patients do not maintain good oral health, bacteria can grow out of control, causing progressive conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. Both conditions can lead to pain and tooth loss if not kept in check.

Researchers also link inflammation caused by oral infections to several serious health conditions, like diabetes, stroke, preterm birth, and cardiovascular disease.


The Bale-Doneen Method

Dr. Arnold uses this research-supported method to educate her patients about the impact of oral health decisions on their overall wellness, specifically concerning cardiac health, stroke, and diabetes. When patients learn about the connections between their daily activities and the chance of serious illness, they are inspired to maintain healthy oral care routines.

Lifestyle, sleep habits, diet, and existing cardiac conditions affect overall health. Dr. Arnold encourages her patients to make the necessary changes to their routines to maximize their health outcomes.

Why Choose Dr. Kim Arnold Family Dentistry?

When helping patients make decisions about their oral health, we consider their impact on their body as a whole. We focus on educating patients about how they can protect their health by refining their oral care habits.

We provide a full slate of family dentistry services, including preventive, cosmetic, and restorative procedures. Whether you need a routine dental cleaning or a full smile makeover, you can turn to Dr. Kim Arnold Family Dentistry for excellent care.

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Procedures Offered 

Preventive Care

Holistic dentistry emphasizes the importance of preventive care. Comprehensive exams allow the doctor to track oral health and any chronic conditions' progression. Dental cleanings eliminate plaque and tartar, helping to control oral bacteria and lower the chances of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Restorative Care

Fillings, crowns, and bridges repair or replace teeth and promote better oral health. Leaving decayed or broken teeth in place can lead to oral infections and require more extensive care later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Holistic Dentistry

How does my diet affect my teeth?
Patients who do not consume enough minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc may have weaker teeth. Excess sugars feed oral bacteria, causing plaque and endangering healthy teeth. Acidic drinks like soda damage the tooth enamel.
What is the connection between inflammation and overall wellness?
Excess inflammation associated with gum disease and tooth decay can severely impact the body as a whole. When a patient experiences normal inflammation, the immune system activates and fights off viruses, bacteria, and toxins. However, the immune system may attack healthy tissue if inflammation is unchecked, causing health problems like heart disease.
How much greater is the risk of heart disease if I have gum disease?
Patients with gum disease have up to three times the risk of developing heart disease. Researchers believe that inflammation associated with gum disease could be an independent risk factor for heart problems.
How should I care for my teeth at home to prevent future health problems?
Most patients can follow a basic oral care routine, including brushing twice daily, flossing at least once daily, and regularly visiting the dentist. Patients with gum disease may need more extensive home care, including antibacterial rinses.
What is the difference between a holistic dentist and a regular dentist?
A holistic dentist like Dr. Arnold wants their patients to understand that oral health is inseparable from overall health. They provide instruction on improving overall health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Holistic dentists also use biocompatible materials and techniques. They use composite rather than amalgam fillings to minimize chemical exposure. They use digital X-rays to prevent excess radiation exposure.

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