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Digital Dentistry in Russell, KY

Dr. Kim Arnold Family Dentistry provides digital dentistry services in Russell, KY. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (606) 836-6022.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to using computer-based technology to enhance patient care. Examples of digital dentistry include electronic medical records, digital radiography (X-rays), 3-D scanning, and laser-assisted procedures.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Makes procedures faster

Makes procedures more comfortable

Enhances safety

Improves patient convenience

Why Choose Dr. Kim Arnold Family Dentistry?

Dr. Arnold has been in private practice since 1993. She maintains a holistic dental practice, considering oral and overall health as one. Adopting digital technology allows her to perform procedures with enhanced safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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Procedures Offered

TRIOS 4 Scanner

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

Our intraoral scanner replaces uncomfortable dental impressions with a digital handheld scanner. The scanner moves freely around the patient's mouth, taking highly detailed digital photos. Dr. Arnold uses the 3-D images captured to design crowns, bridges, and implants that fit easily with the patient's natural teeth.

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Digital Radiographs

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Digital radiographs provide a higher level of detail than traditional film X-rays. They also use a fraction of the radiation needed by film-based systems. The doctor can easily share detailed images with the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dentistry

How do digital radiographs work?
A digital radiograph works like a standard film X-ray but provides highly detailed diagnostic images. The hygienist then gives the patient a lead apron to protect them against radiation. The hygienist places a sensor in the patient's mouth and steps outside the room to activate the system. X-rays penetrate soft tissue but show teeth and bones in detail.
What are the advantages of digital radiographs over film X-rays?
Digital radiographs use 80 percent less radiation than a film X-ray. They do not require toxic chemicals to develop. Dentists can easily monitor conditions like tooth decay, the health of dental roots, the areas between teeth, and hidden sources of infection. They can also detect impacted or otherwise compromised teeth. It is easy to share digital radiographs with specialists if needed.
Can a digital radiograph detect problems earlier?
Digital X-rays are more sensitive to spot potential problems significantly earlier than standard X-rays. Small, hidden areas of decay appear on digital radiographs.
Why are digital impressions better than traditional impressions?
Most patients are familiar with the discomfort and mess of a traditional dental impression. 3-D scanning replaces dental impressions for most uses, providing a better-quality digital model and creating precise restorations.

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Computer-assisted equipment and procedures impact nearly every aspect of a modern dental office. Let us introduce you to our advanced technology and show you how it can help improve your care. Please call our Russell, KY office at (606) 836-6022 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Arnold.

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